Domanda: What type of cuisine does Mamajuana offer?
Risposta: Mamajuana offers authentic Caribbean and South American cuisine.

Domanda: Is Mamajuana family friendly?
Risposta: Absolutely yes! At Mamajuana, we create a casual and welcoming atmosphere suitable for couples, friends and families. Abbiamo anche seggioloni disponibili per i più piccoli.

Domanda: Can I bring my dog ​​to Mamajuana?
Risposta: Yes, we accept small pets in our restaurant.

Domanda: Is Mamajuana in area C?
Risposta: No, our restaurant can be easily reached by subway and there is parking available nearby.

Domanda: How can I book for a birthday, a party or a ceremony?
Risposta: You can book by calling the number 0232960815 or +39 351 7858505. We will be happy to assist you in planning your special event.

Domanda: Do you offer special menus?
Risposta: Yes, we have à la carte menus, but also three types of customizable menus for tables of over 10 people or for special situations such as parties, birthdays and company dinners/lunches. For more information and to request personalized menus, you can contact us via WhatsApp. Additionally, we have vegetarian options available in thenostro menu.